jQuery by Gurudath BN

jQuery Introduction jQuery is a lightweight, "write less, do more", JavaScript library. The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website. jQuery also simplifies a lot of the complicated things from JavaScript, like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation. The jQuery library contains the following features: HTML/DOM manipulation   CSS... Continue Reading →


Animations using jQuery

The jQuery animate() method is used to create custom animations. Syntax: $(selector).animate({params},speed,callback); params :- defines the CSS properties to be animated. speed :- specifies the duration of the effect. It can take the following values: "slow", "fast", or milliseconds. callback :- function to be executed after the animation completes. Example: $("button").click(function(){      $("span").animate({  ... Continue Reading →

Sidekiq Vs Delayed Job Comparison

Features Delayed Job SideKiq Storage SQL database Redis Jobs Processing Single-threaded process Multi-threaded process Set-up Simple Easy to setup, but need redis also to be installed Scalability Aren't great More efficient in terms of raw processing speed Systems Processing Would not use for systems processing 100,000s of jobs/day Largest customers are processing 500,000 jobs/min(Reference link)... Continue Reading →

Active Job , Sidekiq And Redis In Rails 4

Active Job is a framework for declaring jobs and making them run on a variety of queueing backends. These jobs can be everything from regularly scheduled clean-ups, to billing charges, to mailings. Anything that can be chopped up into small units of work and run in parallel, really. Sidekiq simple, efficient background processing for Ruby.... Continue Reading →

Google Recaptcha With Ruby On Rails Integration.

Google Recaptcha With Ruby On Rails Integration. Google Recaptcha protects the websites you love from spam and abuse. Below the steps to be followed to develop a sample ROR application with Google Recaptcha:- Step 1. Create a Ruby on Rails application:- a)Open a terminal, navigate to a directory where you have rights to create application... Continue Reading →

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