Sidekiq Vs Delayed Job Comparison



Delayed Job


Storage SQL database Redis
Jobs Processing Single-threaded process Multi-threaded process
Set-up Simple Easy to setup, but need redis also to be installed
Scalability Aren’t great More efficient in terms of raw processing speed
Systems Processing Would not use for systems processing 100,000s of jobs/day Largest customers are processing 500,000 jobs/min(Reference link)
Process Mechanism Queue Thread
Clock Process Availability Available as package which install both delayed job and (delayed_job_recurring Gem) Available as package which install both SIdekiq and sidekiq-cron Gem
Active Job Compatibility Available Available
Total Gems Needed delayed_job_recurring,daemons sidekiq-cron,sinatra,slim
GUI Support No Yes ( We can restrict user to view GUI by USER PRIVILEGE)
Extender Pro Version For More Features No Yes